Who is Rosie Lee Wilkins?

Who is Rosie Lee Wilkins?

Who Is Rosie Lee Wilkins? – Piecing Together Her History


Like each patch in a quilt, our lives are made of bits and pieces sewn together to weave a larger story. These stories become part of someone’s history and legacy.

Along with these stories are often objects—physical things that the stories live within. But what happens if the history is not recorded and is not remembered beyond the individuals who were there to experience it? These objects live on, but can only themselves tell pieces of the stories they hold.

In her lifetime, local quilter Rosie Lee Wilkins created over 100 quilts. Unfortunately, Rosie’s story was left unfinished during her lifetime. This exhibit will highlight some of her quilting works—a large physical part of Rosie’s legacy. Along with these beautiful works, visitors to the exhibit will get a behind the scenes look at the means and methods of how the museum staff worked to find Rosie story. On display will be the research process and steps taken to piece together the history of Rosie’s life, what we were able to uncover, and why it is so important to document our individual stories before they are lost to time.

Can’t visit in person? Take a virtual tour of the Rosie Wilkins Exhibit!

Why We Quilt – A Community Project Video



Entry Deadline: Monday, December 14, 2020
Contact:  wendy@lakeshoremuseum.org

Who is Eligible to submit: Quilters of all ages and skill levels from Muskegon County.

What We Need:

  • A 3 minute or less audio clip (mp3 format) of the artist answering the following questions:
    • Why do you quilt?
    • How did you learn?
    • What is your favorite part or what do you love about it? 
  • A picture of yourself with a quilt or quilting
  • 3-4 pictures of your work with descriptions of what they are, or pictures of yourself and/or friends & family quilting.

These materials will be edited into a video to use on our YouTube channel to go with our current exhibit “Who is Rosie Lee Wilkins” as well as in our Quilting Virtual Program for students in 1st-5th grade. One of the major themes of 2nd grade social studies is community, and we feel that quilting fits that theme so well.  We also use themes of patterns, geometry, and color, in this unit.

Watch a sample of the video below:  

In order for us to use your submission please fill out this google form to release the use of the images and audio you send to us.  GOOGLE FORM >

How to record your audio:  

  • We have been using the free app Voice Recorder & Audio Editor.  It is very easy to record and e-mail a recording right from the app on your phone.
  • You can also record on an iphone or mac using the GarageBand app that came with your phone or computer. (Voice Recorder is Easier).
  • We can also set up a zoom call with you and record your audio there.

Audio files should be able to be sent via e-mail.  

Photo Format:  

Jpeg or HEIC are preferred  Please label your files with the following:

  • Your Name, Quilt Pattern if known or some description of the quilt or image.