1937 Legacy Society

1937 Legacy Society

The 1937 Legacy Society of the Lakeshore Museum Center:
Making a Lasting Impact on Future Generations

The 1937 Legacy Society was established in 2024 to recognize donors who have included a planned gift for Lakeshore Museum Center in their will or trust. This name acknowledges the year the museum was formed and honors the individuals who had the vision to create a museum for the benefit of all who live in or visit the Muskegon area.

There are several ways you can leave a bequest for the Lakeshore Museum Center (LMC):

  • Identify LMC as a beneficiary in your will or trust for either a percentage of your estate or a predetermined amount.

  • Identify LMC as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or your retirement, investment, or bank account.

  • Gift appreciated stocks.

To become part of the 1937 Legacy Society through one of these options, contact our Executive Director, Melissa Horton.

See the full brochure:

We recognize that a planned gift can often be the “gift of a lifetime” for donors, and we want to acknowledge that generosity by documenting your gift.* Simply let us know of your intentions, and we will create a gift-use agreement to identify the amount or percentage and any designations you would like to make.

*Gifts given in this form are revocable by the donor should your circumstances change.

“I love the Lakeshore Museum Center and all that it provides to the Muskegon community. I could talk about their wonderful staff and programming all day long, but my favorite thing is probably the Hackley House. My family knows that I want to help make sure that generations to come can continue to enjoy this priceless community asset. It was easy to leave a gift to the museum by naming them as a partial beneficiary of my IRA account.”

Museum Donor & Legacy Society Member

“As part of our estate plan, Allan and I established a fund at the Community Foundation for Muskegon County that will be fully funded through our estate. The plan for the fund includes an annual distribution to be made for the Muskegon Heritage Museum of Business and Industry (MHM). MHM is a special place for both of us, and we wanted to be sure that the museum would continue to share the amazing stories of Muskegon for generations to come. By using our Community Foundation Fund, the gifts will be an ongoing legacy from us for the museum.”

Museum Donor & Legacy Society Member

You can make the same impact as the founders through your Planned Gift. With your help, we can make sure LMC is here for future generations.

Questions? Please contact Melissa Horton, Executive Director, Lakeshore Museum Center.