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The Muskegon Heritage Museum of Business & Industry houses a robust collection of exhibits showcasing the economic, industrial, and social history of the greater Muskegon area. Our collection includes informational exhibits, artifacts, and photos pertaining to Muskegon’s industries, products, and businesses. We have a working steam engine with a line shaft that runs 11 machine tools. We also have a working Brunswick pinsetter, a spring winding machine, and over 80 other companies represented in exhibits.

Don’t let the modest storefront fool you, the Museum has nearly 12,000 square feet of display space, spanning three floors!

See below for a sampling of our current exhibits.


Learn all about black-owned businesses in Muskegon.

Visit the museum to watch this original 1893 engine run!

Learn more about early 1900s machine shop equipment.

Learn all about the many products that were manufactured right here in Muskegon.

Come and get a bookmark printed on a working Letter Press!

Learn more about the history of Brewing in Muskegon from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s.

View several examples of engines manufactured by Continental.

Discover the many locations of Sawmills throughout Muskegon during the lumbering era.

Learn more about foundries in Muskegon and the many tools used.

Explore the history of the Sappi Paper Mill.

See a vintage Brunswick Bowling automatic pinsetter in action.

Learn about ships, boats, fishing, and water recreation in Muskegon.

Who was Reddy Kilowatt? Learn how electric power is created.

Pickles, celery, and more – yum! Learn about local crops.

Visit the Museum’s third floor to learn about many local businesses.

Woodworking with hand tools is a very old craft. Learn about those tools and how they were used.

Did you know that nearly all jet airplanes flying in the U.S. today have parts made at Howmet Aerospace?


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