STEM Center

STEM Center

Be sure to check out this creative and interactive space that will make you think about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! STEM education is a fun way of combining academic concepts with real-world applied activities, making connections between school, community, work, and the future. This exhibit promotes hands-on learning for all family members, including activities such as building sturdy bridges, constructing hoop gliders, racing hot wheels, and more!

Come back every week for a different challenge to test your science and technology skills.


Housed in the STEM Center, the Moxie Creator Club is for children interested in using design, engineering, problem-solving, and creative skills to complete various challenges or tasks. Each month will bring a new theme; with every week in that month having a different twist on the monthly challenge. When you have perfected your creation, try it out against the challenge and against your fellow Moxie Creator Club participants. Those who make it into the top three will be awarded a place of honor on the Creator Club shelf and receive a prize medal, but they can be knocked out at anytime by another creator. All who try their hand at the challenge will be given an official sticker as proof of their entry in the Moxie Creator Club. So get creating and best of luck.

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The Moxie Creator Club is funded by the generous donation of the Howmet Aerospace Foundation.