Mastodons On The Loose Scavenger Hunt


Moxie the Mastodon has broken free from the museum in search of the 20 “Mini” Mastodons all exploring downtown Muskegon’s fun and history. Moxie and the Mini Mastodons are the creation of megafauna artists, Gillie and Marc, from Australia.

Grab a brochure from the museum, or download the web version below and use the clues listed to see how many of the Mini Mastodons you can find!

Need help? The full list of locations can be found here:


Gillie and Marc are a dynamic duo of contemporary artists (and real-life husband and wife) who have created art collaboratively for over 25 years. Their work has received critical acclaim world-wide, and their paintings and sculptures are held in collections both in Australia, and internationally. They have had over thirty solo exhibitions.

For many years, Gillie and Marc have been focusing on the Earth’s megafauna, the land animals often larger than modern counterparts considered archetypical of the last ice age. These creatures, which became extinct within the last forty thousand years, have primarily been discovered in northern Eurasia, the Americas and Australia…connecting vastly different regions to a shared history.

Gillie and Marc’s specialty is in creating monumental public art installations in bronze. These captivating sculptures are highly engaging, interactive and spectacular to behold, and can be found in incredible destinations across the globe such as the Rockefeller Center in New York.