Programs & Events

Programs & Events

Muskegon Heritage Museum’s Community Days are FREE for all participants thanks to a grant from Howmet Corporation!  See unique machinery in operation, discover Muskegon products and explore our region’s unique industrial heritage.  Each Community Day features a different theme.

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Once Monthly May – October

Visit the Muskegon Heritage Museum during one of their FREE Community Days sponsored by Howmet Corporation! See unique machinery in operation, discover Muskegon products & explore Muskegon’s unique heritage. Each community day will focus on a different topic. Check back for topic updates!

Free Community Day

Saturday, May 15

It Runs in the Family: 50+ Years of Black Owned Business

Join us for the unveiling of our latest exhibit celebrating small businesses in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights! Legal and Civil Rights Reforms of the 1960’s opened new markets and allowed Black entrepreneurs to blossom. Learn about this fascinating tale or share your story.

Free Community Day

Wednesday, June 16

Woodworking & Furniture in Muskegon

Sawdust runs in our veins. Muskegon has been built and rebuilt over the generations thanks to ready access to trees! Learn about some of the companies that called this community home and see the products that made Muskegon a furniture-making Mecca. Woodworking demonstrations highlight hand production skills.

Free Community Day

Thursday, July 22

STEM Day 1: Simple Machines

Give us a fulcrum and a long enough lever and we’ll move the Earth.  Simple Machines are all around us.  They make our daily lives easier and put the fun in physics.  Explore the Heritage Museum’s collection and find the Simple Machines that made Muskegon.

Free Community Day

Saturday, August 21

STEM Day 2: Complex Machines

Complex Machines are made up of two or more Simple Machines.  Explore the Muskegon Heritage Museum’s collection and find the Simple Machines that make up the Complex Machines all around us.  How many combinations can you find?

Free Community Day

Saturday, September 18

Oktoberfest: the Birth of Brewing in Muskegon

Muskegon was a lumber boom-town.  Wherever lumberjacks and mill workers congregated, a bar or tavern was soon to follow.  Learn about the history of brewing along the shores of Muskegon Lake and discover how a single German immigrant’s labor led to national distribution and connections to Ireland & Vietnam. 

Free Community Day

Friday, October 15

West Michigan Pike: Travel & Tourism in the Auto Age

Tourism is a cornerstone of Muskegon County’s economy.  Excursions by steamboat and train started the process.  For more than a century car travel and the auto tourists have dominated the market thanks to a novel road building coalition.  The West Michigan Pike became the gateway to a get-away by the shore.



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