Our Collection

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Our Collection

The Lakeshore Museum Center collection contains around 58,000 items pertinent to the natural and cultural history of Muskegon County. Our changing exhibits cover a variety of themes and we welcome research inquiries on Muskegon history topics.


The Lakeshore Museum Center Collection includes:

  1. Social History and Demographic Material: Tax records, plat maps, and various directories to help researchers find information about who lived in Muskegon County and where they worked and lived. Artifacts illustrate the material culture of the inhabitants of Muskegon County throughout history.

  2. Company and Organizational History Material: Records and objects associated with businesses and organizations to help researchers study the economic and social history of Muskegon County.

  3. Image Collection: Over 10,000 photographs illustrating events, places, and people who shaped Muskegon County.

For donation information, questions, or research requests, please contact our Archivist.

The Lakeshore Museum Center reserves the right to decline to reproduce copyrighted or otherwise protected materials. Any materials obtained from the Lakeshore Museum Center must be cited and the collection referred to upon publication of scans or photographs of collection objects.

LMC Podcast

Attention history buffs! We are proud to offer a podcast on Muskegon and Michigan’s history entitled Muskegon History and Beyond with the Lakeshore Museum Center. This podcast will explore the people, places, and events that shaped Muskegon, Michigan and beyond.

Name Game: Streets of Muskegon

Explore this interactive map to learn the origins of some of Muskegon’s street names.


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