Kid Volunteer

KIDS AGE 10-15

There are many benefits to volunteering at a young age.  Youth can gain work experience, meet new friends with similar interests, refine their public speaking skills, boost self-esteem, and improve their education in a safe and positive environment.

Junior Museum Professionals (JMPs)

JMPs assist with many different programs and projects all year! The JMP’s have the opportunity to work with kids and families at our Friday Family Fun Nights, Saturday craft days, day camps, and in the STEM center. The Hackley and Hume Historic Sites offer youth volunteers the creativity to participate in our Holiday decorating, as well as assist with special programs and events. All JMP’s are given the opportunity to visit all LMC sites, and see the behind the scenes of how the museum operates.


JMP candidates must submit an application and interview with the Volunteer Manager to be considered for the program.

JMP Applicants who are currently 13-15 and interested in volunteering for the STEM Center should check the STEM box under the “interests” section of their application.