Month: June 2019

Moxie the Mastodon has broken free from the museum in search of the 20 “Mini” Mastodons all exploring downtown Muskegon’s fun and history. Moxie and the Mini Mastodons are the creation of megafauna artists, Gillie and Marc, from Australia. Grab a brochure from the museum and use the clues listed to see how many of the Mini Mastodons you can find! About the Artists Gillie and Marc are a dynamic duo of contemporary artists (and real-life husband and wife) who have created art collaboratively for o [...]

Be sure to check out this NEW creative and interactive space that will make you think about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! STEM education is a fun way of combining academic concepts with real-world applied activities, making connections between school, community, work, and the future. This exhibit promotes hands-on learning for all family members, including activities such as building sturdy bridges, constructing hoop gliders, racing hot wheels, and more! Come back every week [...]