Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof

We Need Your Help to Continue to Protect the Natural and Cultural History of Muskegon County!

The Lakeshore Museum Center operates nine buildings, all of which are critical to preserving and sharing the stories of Muskegon’s past, present and future. We are incredibly fortunate that in 2021 Muskegon County residents approved a millage allowing us to educate and keep our doors open for another 10 years.

While the millage supports our day-to-day operations, it does not cover large maintenance-related needs that come along with owning historic buildings. The roofs at both the Archives and Main Museum Center are sorely in need of replacement. The century-old floor joist of the Muskegon Heritage Museum is suffering from dry rot and needs replacement.

The buildings of the Lakeshore Museum Center protect all the artifacts and stories inside including the Huls Mastodon skeleton, Charles Hackley’s personal records, and the Corliss steam engine. These priceless artifacts not only help us educate our community but hold special places in the hearts of many people.

The Lakeshore Museum hopes to raise $150,000 to repair the Archives and Museum Center roofs and Muskegon Heritage Museum floor joist. We’ve been protecting and displaying our more than 55,000 objects for 83 years, and with your donation, we can protect them for another 83 years. Thank you for your support of the Lakeshore Museum Center’s mission to preserve and interpret Muskegon County’s history!



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