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The Voices of Muskegon Gallery is home to some of the museum’s oldest artifacts tracing the early history of the area. Two local artists built a series of dioramas in the 1930s and nine of them are displayed in this gallery. The three-dimensional, mini models depict such scenes as an early fur trading post, Muskegon’s first post office and school, and a Native American wigwam village.

Eight videos provide a history of Muskegon from the lumbering era of the 1800s to the present, plus a three-part series which examines the extensive restoration work at the Hackley and Hume Site. The videos range in length from ten to over twenty minutes with comfortable seating provided.

Video List

Coming to the Lakes
Muskegon in the 20th Century: Through Our Eyes
Bob Vila presents: Restore America
Our Old House Part I
Our Old House Part II
Our Old House Part III