Permanent Museum Exhibits

The Lakeshore Museum Center has two floors of permanent exhibits. Our wide variety of exhibits includes cultural and natural history, science, and health.


  • Coming to the Lakes »

    For 10,000 years people have been coming to Muskegon County to work, play and raise their families. Listen to stories of families who settled or immigrated here, and learn why they call this area home. See a life-sized mastodon, visit a fur trader’s cabin, see tools used during the lumbering era, and learn about the […]

  • Habitat Gallery »

    Plants and animals need food and shelter to survive. Discover the relationships between the plants and animals that live in Muskegon County and the food webs they create. Explore wetland, forest, urban backyard, grassland, and dune habitats and learn what plants and animals call them home.

  • Michigan: From the Depths of Time »

    Explore 400,000 million years of Michigan in the making. Your journey begins in the Devonian Period when Michigan was covered by a saltwater sea and massive fish hunted for food along large coral reefs. Ferns and mosses the size of modern-day trees filled the swampy forest during the Paleozoic Era. The sounds of shifting sheets […]

  • Girl Looking into Microscope

    Science Center »

    Our youngest visitors have so much fun; they do not want to leave! Immerse yourself in science by exploring the contents of our pull-out drawers that are full of hands-on learning opportunities on topics ranging from sound and fossils to challenging mind bogglers. Hop on the bike and pedal to turn on lights, activate a […]

  • Girl Interacting with Exhibit

    Body Works »

    In the newly renovated Body Works Exhibit, visitors will learn about the difference between Go, Slow and Whoa foods, proper hand washing and tooth brushing techniques, and information about immunizations.  Other activities  include an opportunity to use a flexi-tester, build a skeleton puzzle, a scale and height chart, and have an opportunity to engage in […]

  • Voices of Muskegon »

    The Voices of Muskegon Gallery is home to some of the museum’s oldest artifacts tracing the early history of the area. Two local artists built a series of dioramas in the 1930s and nine of them are displayed in this gallery. The three-dimensional, mini models depict such scenes as an early fur trading post, Muskegon’s […]